All of us at Windswept Maples Farm are pleased to announce the launch of our new website at windsweptmaples.com. While we were one of the first NH farms on the web, the original site (and this wordpress blog) had become woefully dated compared today’s technology. This new, modern site will help us better share our story and the fruits of NH farming with folks near and far.
Here are some highlights of what visitor to the site will find:
  • First, we’ve added the ability to securely purchase maple products online and ship them anywhere in the U.S. We accept all major forms of credit cards as well as Paypal.
  • For those who had previously followed our separate blog site, all of that content (and much more to come) can be found right here on the primary site. We’ll continue to post seasonal updates and other topics of interest on the blog.
  • For more frequent pictures, news, and notes our popular Facebook account and our new Instagram account can be accessed from the site footer.
  • Finally, those planning a visit to the farm have one central page for seasonal hours, directions, and more.
Over the coming months we’ll be adding additional products for purchase, more detail about the sugar making process, and other improvements. We hope you find the new website useful and would love to hear your feedback.
Thanks for your continued support of local agriculture and Happy New Year from all of us!
The Moore Family:
Larry & Melissa, Jeff, Brad, Grammy Bea,
Sam, Christina, & baby Kelsea
Credit: NH Maple Producers Association

Credit: NH Maple Producers Association

In January 2016, all of the maple producing regions including Canada and the US are now required to use the new grading system. It’s taken a few months for us as well to acquaint ourselves with the new terms for each grade. We now use the terms, Golden, Amber, Dark Robust, and Very Dark to describe the different grades of pure maple syrup. The poster above created by the NH Maple Producers Association shows how the old and new descriptive grade terms compare. We have some flyers to help you become familiar with the new grades. Hope to see you soon. We do not have any Very Dark Syrup on hand, but we do have all other grades.


Today the woods crew worked a little harder drilling taps. The 6 inches of snow that arrived Friday, Feb. 5 made the walking from tree to tree more of a work out, but still agreeable. It was sunny today and pleasant to be outside. The warm temperatures during the first week of February triggered a sap flow.  Syrup was made Thursday night, Feb. 4th. In the sheep barn, two sets of twins were born tonight. These twins were bright and eager to get up and going. A shepherd’s delight.


Here is our Maple Sampler gift box. The Sampler includes a quart of syrup, a box of maple sugar candy, and one pound of maple cream. At right is a new glass bottle we are offering. It’s called the NH Gallone (100ml). Maple Syrup is such a versatile product. You caIMG_0803n produce different pure maple products just by bringing the finished syrup to different temperatures and using some different finishing techniques. For example: Maple cream involves, heating syrup, then cooling it, then stirring the cooled syrup until it turns into the popular maple spread. Recently, we purchased a new machine to help with our maple cream production. The upgraded machine allows us to make a little bigger batch, plus we are very happy with the Maple Productsquality of the final product. At a Maple Conference last year, we saw a new product demonstrated that made the job of making granulated maple syrup a little easier. This unit is a stainless steel sieve that helped produce a uniform product. It measures approximately 12″ x 18″. The sieve sits on top of a stainless steel pan that holds the granulated sugar. Be sure to enjoy the great variety of pure maple products that are available.




During the summer months, we enjoy the chance to take part in regional and state maple meetings. The NH Maple Producers Association Summer Meeting is a good chance to get together with other producers from around the state and hear updates on the maple industry. Typically the members also discuss the upcoming fair season and how to staff the sugarhouses at Deerfield Fair, Hopkinton Fair, and the Eastern States Expo in Springfield Mass. Larry and Jeff are always interested to work at the fairs to meet people and answer questions about maple syrup. They have been participating in these events for several years now.
In Northern Vermont, there is a Maplerama event for producers. Even though it’s off-season, the sugarmakers from all over the Northeast, enjoy the chance to tour other sugarhouses, visit with maple syrup equipment vendors, and learn from each other.

After a strong New England winter sugaring season has arrived in full force at Windswept Maples Farm. The past several weeks have given us ideal weather, and as of this posting we’ve produced about a third of the maple syrup crop we hope this year will bring. Over the winter months we worked hard to additional taps and equipment to our operation and we are seeing the benefits now.

This year we continue to be open to the public on weekends between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Stop by and learn about what it takes to make some of the best tasting maple syrup in New Hampshire. Our sales area is fully stocked with a variety of maple products and gifts, and we look forward to sharing our farm with you and your family.

Windswept Maples Farm

Maple Weekend 2012 is here and we will be having our annual open house, this Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm. Come visit us to learn about the maple sugaring process and taste samples of pure maple syrup and maple cream. Visitors will have a chance to see our cows, sheep, and baby lambs while enjoying the scenic views at the farm.

This year we are also offering special Sugar Orchard Tours at starting at 10 am and 2 pm. Those interested will enjoy a short walk through the woods and see first hand how plastic tubing lines collect sap from the trees and deposit it in a collection tank before being pumped to the sugarhouse. Bring comfortable walking shoes and meet beside the sugarhouse five minutes prior to participate in one of these tours.

As always, we look forward to having you and your family join us for our annual event. Bring a friend this year and come learn about the tradition of maple sugaring at Windswept Maples Farm.

For directions to our farm, please click here.